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Submarine Force Library & Museum in Groton, CT.

Immerse yourself in maritime history at the Submarine Force Library & Museum, located in Groton, Connecticut. An iconic landmark, it is the only museum in the US dedicated exclusively to the remarkable world of submarines and the storied Submarine Force.

Step inside this uniquely enchanting destination and be transported back in time. Its comprehensive library has an exhaustive collection of over 20,000 rare books, documents, and publications that carefully trace the evolution of submarine history.

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The museum proudly showcases an impressive array of exhibits, providing an immersive dive into the undersea realm of submarines. The historic USS Nautilus, the world’s first nuclear-powered submarine, is its crown gem, permanently inscribed in the annals of naval combat. Visitors can tour the Nautilus to experience firsthand the crew’s living conditions and to gain a deeper appreciation for the tactical advantages this technological marvel brought to naval operations.

Aside from the Nautilus, the museum houses a large collection of submarine artefacts and memorabilia. Through carefully curated exhibits, you’ll witness the progression of submarine technology, from early experimental vessels to the advanced submarines of today. Interactive displays make the learning experience engaging for all ages, captivating the imagination and fostering a sense of curiosity about the marvels of undersea navigation.

You’ll find deeply moving accounts of their sacrifices and heroic feats, offering a profound perspective on the human element behind the technology. Visiting the Submarine Force Library & Museum in Groton, CT is more than just a day out. At 14 minutes distance visit Bluff Point State Park in Groton, CT

Submarine Force Library & Museum

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